Natural tea drink from Siberia «Siberian chaga tea»


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Functions of the drink: It is a natural antibiotic, helps to cure bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract. It activates the metabolism of the whole body, so people get rid of obesity. It improves the condition of blood vessels, clearing them of cholesterol deposits, thereby lowering blood pressure, and improving cerebral circulation.The drink reduces the level glucose in the blood, helping to cope with hypoglycemia for people with diabetes. It relieves intoxication in case of food and household poisoning. In combination with drug treatment, it helps to fight cancer cells, contributing to their destruction and death.

Drink functions
Product Features Ingredients: Birch mushroom (chaga), aronia, blueberry concentrates. Fructose. Amount per serving: proteins – 0 g, fats – 0 g, carbohydrates –80 g, caloric content – 320 kcal. Technical specifications 10.89.19-001-45110000-2020 Raw materials for drinks are prepared in Siberia. Preparation process: add 200 ml of warm water at the temperature of 45-50 degrees C to the 1/3 tee spoon of the tea drink. Stir well. Keep at the temperature 0 - + 25 degrees and moisture content less than 60 per cent. Expirydate: 24 months One package of 100 grams