Natural tea drink « Sea buckthorn ginseng »


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Drink functions: the drink increases endurance and stamina, improves physical condition, relieves fatigue, improves metabolism, functions of the cardiovascular system, improves the course of all processes in the body. It stabilizes mental state, prevents stress, neuroses and nervous disorders, cleanses the body of toxins, has a rejuvenating effect, improves skin condition and health in general.

Drink functions
Product Features Ingredients: ginseng, sea buckthorn, lingonberry concentrates, salt. Fructose. Amount per serving: proteins – 0 g, fats – 0 g, carbohydrates – 16 g, caloric content – 64 kcal. Raw materials for drinks are prepared in Siberia. Preparation process: add 200 ml of warm water at the temperature of 45-50 degrees C. Stir well. Keep at the temperature 0 - + 25 degrees and moisture content less than 60 per cent. Expiry date: 24 months 7 sticks of 14 grams each Total weight 98 grams